e.max crowns

Product Spotlight: DP Advanced IPS e.max® Crowns

IPS e.max crowns have been a favorite restoration for dentists for many years, and offers a beautiful, esthetic dental restoration ideal for cosmetic zones. Our DP Advanced IPS e.max® material is a lithium disilicate glass. It’s available as a pressed ceramic for the ultimate in esthetics, or milled to help control costs.

e.max crowns

Indications for DP Advanced IPS e.max® Crowns

IPS e.max has multiple uses, making it a versatile material for dental restorations. Both IPS e.max press and CAD are indicated for full anterior or posterior crowns.

DP Advanced IPS e.max’s® durability is greater than porcelain’s. It features 400 MPa and 360 MPa for press and CAD, respectively.

IPS e.max press is also indicated for three-unit bridges having one pontic with the second bicuspid as the most distal abutment.

This material is also indicated for veneers, and is ideal for combining adjacent IPS e.max crowns or bridges. (As long as there is ample reduction.) Otherwise, the original IPS Empress or IPS e.max CAD would be indicated for veneers, inlays, and onlays.

Contraindications for DP Advanced IPS e.max® Crowns

While our IPS e.max is a diverse material for dental crowns, there are contraindications to be aware of. For patients with malfunctional occlusion like bruxers and clenchers, IPS e.max is not a suitable choice.

It is also not an ideal material for use as abutments for cast partials, in addition to situations when you can’t achieve proper preparation requirements.

The IPS e.max is also not indicated for Maryland-type bridges.

Cementation Guidelines for DP Advanced IPS e.max® Crowns

For the best results possible for your patients, we recommend the adhesive bonding provided by VarioLink II by Ivoclar Vivadent or other dual cure material. This works when the preparation allows for a dry field and supra-gingiva margins.

Other dual cure materials include:

  • Cosmedent’s Insure
  • Kerr’s Nexus
  • Bisco’s Choice
  • Pentron’s Lute-It

When you can’t achieve a dry field, Ivoclar Vivadent recommends a hybrid glass ionomer cement system with less than 0.5% expansion.

Resin cement options include:

  • Ivoclar Vivadent’s Vivaglass
  • GC America’s GC Fuji
  • EM ESPE’s Ketec Cem
  • Ivoclar Vivadent’s Variolink

For a complete list, visit our full material profile.

It’s important to not that resin-reinforced glass ionomers like Vitremer’s Advance are not indicated for any all-ceramic dental restorations.

We believe the best dental restorations come from the best materials. Our DP Advanced IPS e.max® crowns offer a superior quality for multiple indications, and we’re sure your patients will be thrilled with the final product. To learn more or to send a case, give us a call at 888.888.8862.

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