The Dentist’s Guide to Supporting Your Community

Supporting your community as a dentist can take a few different forms, whether it’s volunteering at a food pantry as a team or donating dental care for those in need. We’re a very fortunate group of people, and this is the perfect way to help others with our skillset.

Some of these community events will cost more than others, but all are important ways to support your community and help others.

Volunteer in the Community

There are a number of ways you and your team can volunteer in the community. It can include dentistry, or it could be another task entirely. This is particularly important around the holidays, when food pantries and other organizations are distributing goods to those in need.

Organize a half or full day for your practice to serve your community as a team. Not only are you helping others, but you’re creating a great sense of team spirit in your practice!

Donate Dental Care in Your Community

Donating your services can be an excellent way to serve your community, and it can be a practice wide event. There are many people in our communities that can’t afford quality dental care, and you have an opportunity to help.

Whether this is once a quarter or once a year, schedule a day to help these underserved in your area. Depending on your ability, you could offer services at cost, or donate them entirely.

The better their oral health, the better their quality of life.

Host Family Nights in Your Community

Hosting family nights can be a great way to engage with your neighborhood, and something your entire team can participate in as well. This could be an outdoor movie night, a small carnival, or other family-friendly event that gives back.

While this may not have anything specifically to do with dentistry, it’s still valuable. Showing the community you care and being visible in the community is great for both the community and your practice. (It’s okay to realize this is also partially marketing!)

Because we’re in a unique position to serve the community, we need to take advantage of our skills and resources. Whether you choose to host a community family night or donate your time and resources, you can impact the families and individuals in your area that may otherwise not receive care, both mentally and physically.


We believe that supporting our communities is crucial to a dental practice, and we hope you’ll consider starting this in your own practice, if you haven’t already!

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