Satisfaction On Every Case

Since 1969, Dental Prosthetics has built its name on providing service and restorations that exceed patient and doctor expectations every time.

Case Planning

“I have had the fortune to work with Dental Prosthetics on many complex cases. Their team of professionals always offers the best advice for the ever changing dental materials and they expect, as do I, superb artistry and function on every case we create together.”

- Howard Steinberg, D.M.D, M.D.S


“I have worked on many Dental Implant cases with Dental Prosthetics. They always communicate well with me to give the best results for our patients. If there is ever any change necessary like adding to a contact or occlusal issue, they immediately do that for us the same day if possible! Their ability to design and mill custom abutments with their state of the art technology allows me to offer my patients the best result possible.”

- Howard Steinberg, D.M.D., M.D.S


“As a Prosthodontist who does both surgery and final teeth, I have worked on many All on 4 cases with Dental Prosthetics over the years. They always go out of their way to accommodate me and my patients. The fact that they are in town allows us to customize and offer our patients the best looks and function possible. They also stand by their work which gives me extra confidence knowing if we ever have any problems they will always be there to address them. All of Dental Prosthetics team members are awesome!”

– Howard Steinberg, D.M.D, M.S.D

Crown, Bridge and Anterior

We have been using Dental Prosthetics since 1980 when Wendell was one of the first guys I met in Tucson. Since then I have seen the lab grow in many ways and the quality that he was always adamant about has followed through to today. I have always enjoyed the professionalism, punctuality and “on time” service that they have strived for as well as the quality of services that I have used. Whether it is a single unit, bridge or anterior case the communication lines have always been open and the technicians have always been willing to discuss cases, problems, or suggestions with the highest of respect and willingness to do the best job possible. I have found them to be a wonderful team to work with over the years and highly recommend their services!

- Paul V Spaeth DDS

Client Support

I have been using Dental Prosthetics for over eight years. What has impressed me the most is their customer service. You can always call and talk to someone about each case. They make themselves available to come in to my office to consult with a patient. I feel they really care about our patients and creating a great relationship with us. I feel very confident in their work and I enjoy the interaction with their team members.

- Dr. Mark Larsen

Crown and Bridge

For the entire 43 years that Dental Prosthetics has provided crown and bridge services for my patients, the quality, reliability and excellence has been exceptional.

Dental Prosthetics has always been at the forefront of crown and bridge service being innovative and using the highest technology. From being the first (and best) with veneers (for those who remember Chameleons) and implant crowns then custom abutments to the advanced ceramics, I continue to depend on Dental Prosthetics to be a leader in laboratory restorative services.

Communication with a dental laboratory ensures that patients receive the best prosthetic services. Dental Prosthetics helps me with extremely knowledgeable and skillful technicians who share their expertise with advice in a highly professional manner. As technology changes rapidly, I can depend on receiving guidance on materials that best serve my restorative needs.

– Kenneth M. Wortzel, DDS


For over 10 years I have relied upon Dental Prosthetics for my practices restorative needs. I find their quality, product variety, and ethics to be second to none. They are always willing to lend a tool, an ear, advice, or guidance. The systems in place to take care of me, the physician, or my patients are outstanding.

I especially appreciate their work in implant restoration and guidance. Often times I have need advice or ideas and they have been there to help. There is not a better place to go for anterior esthetic restorations or for crown and bridge. I feel as though I can call anytime and ask for help and they will be there for me. I find that to be a wonderful asset for my practice. Thanks DP!

– Shawn McFarland, DDS

Partners in Your Success

“I consider the laboratory technicians at Dental Prosthetics of Tucson to be integral members of my restorative team. I can count on them to use all of the information that I provide, including photographs, mounted models, and esthetic and functional goals, to help me plan and see through cases. Not only do I have the satisfaction of seating my restorative dentistry predictably, but I know that my entire team recognizes that the teeth we slave over are attached to very special people.”

– Laura Sheaffer Harkin, DMD, FAGD