pro-fit abutments

Why You Should Be Using Exclusive Pro-Fit Abutments™ in Dental Implant Cases

We believe that it’s possible to have both a high quality dental implant abutment and efficient patient care. When you choose a Pro-Fit Abutment™ for your implant cases, you can be confident in both the quality and finished product. Each package comes with everything you need to create a stellar finished dental restoration.

pro-fit abutments

Improve Patient Satisfaction with Pro-Fit Abutments™

Pro-Fit Abutments™ are designed to help reduce chair time and improve patient satisfaction during dental implant procedures. We’ve created a step-by-step guide for taking a Pro-Fit Implant Impression™ for both traditional and digital impressions.

With our Pro-Fit Insertion Guide™, you can ensure the abutment is clocked perfectly for a precise fitting abutment and crown. Our work is covered by the Pro-Fit Guarantee™, so your patients will experience the best implant care possible.

How Are Pro-Fit Abutments™ Different?

While many labs offer dental implant abutments, we’ve created a way to make it as easy as possible for both you and your patients. This is done by simplifying case planning into a Doctor’s Choice Flat-Rate Implant package.

Every package comes with:

  • Patient-specific titanium manufacturer abutment
  • ZirBrux™ crown
  • Set up and design
  • Titanium screw
  • Soft tissue model
  • Analog

You will also receive a final quote before we begin, so there are no surprises throughout the case. This all-inclusive fee includes everything you need, with no additional fees.

For patients looking for a premium finish, zirconia abutments and premium crowns are also available.

Creating a Pro-Fit Abutment™

We take your traditional or digital impression, and apply the strict, consistent process we’ve developed for great implant design and fabrication. Our Pro-Fit Kit™ is included in every abutment case so you can ensure a guaranteed fit for every patient.

Pro-Fit Abutments™ are one of the best ways to give your patients a superior customer experience. Our experienced technicians can help you determine the best finish for your patients needs and budget. Our guarantee gives you the peace of mind you need while providing your patients the best care possible.

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