dp elite dentures

Product Spotlight: DP Elite Dentures

Removables have been a treatment option for some time, and denture technology continues to improve. For patients that need dentures, it’s important to help them choose the best product for their unique case. Our DP Elite dentures offer the best fit possible for your patients, because of the SR Ivocap® injection technique.

dp elite dentures

Creating Quality Dentures for Patients

When it’s time for patients to make the transition to removables it can be a complicated and challenging process. It doesn’t need to be, though! If your patients have made the decision to begin using dentures, then they likely already know the pros and cons.

Once they’ve made their choice to use dentures, there’s another decision to be made. What kind of denture will they get? Cost is a common concern, but quality is important as well. Sharing the benefits of each type of denture is beneficial, and can help your patients consider factors they may not realize.

A lower quality denture may be more appealing in the short term because it will lower the cost, but a high quality denture will look and function better, in addition to lasting longer.

Why DP Elite Dentures?

We create the DP Elite denture with the SR Ivocap® injection technique. This uses a high-pressure casting, which controls shrinkage during polymerization. Each denture also features premium teeth that are individually selected to suit a patient’s anatomy and personality.

Our focus is on fit, function, and esthetics. A premium attention to detail includes both stippling and festooning on all bases, providing a winning smile while offering as close to natural dentition as possible.

Because of this focus on natural dentition, DP Elite dentures function as naturally as possible for minimal adjustment time for your patients.

We believe all patients deserve high quality dental restorations, and this includes dentures. With the DP Elite denture, you can provide a quality denture for your patients that provides the ultimate in fit, function, and esthetics.

For more information or to send a case, give us a call at (888) 888-8862.

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