dental practice efficiency

How Can I Improve Dental Practice Efficiency?

Improving dental practice efficiency doesn’t require a magic equation. Instead, it takes a few key changes, some focus, and a team that’s ready to make it happen. Creating a caring yet efficient dental practice centers on three key components: goals, training, and delegation. With these, you can support your team and empower them in their work.

Begin by Defining the Characteristics of Your Ideal Dental Practice

Before determining how to improve your practice’s operations and individual skillsets, define how you want your practice to be known. If you had every resource and all the time, what would you want? It doesn’t have to be realistic (right now), and should instead focus on your ideal dental practice.

This will help you determine the types of CE courses to invest in, the areas of the practice to focus on, and the goals you need your team excited about. Picture these characteristics as a pair of loupes. Without it, your dental practice could become disorganized and unfocused. With them, though, you view everything in relation to how it helps you create your ideal practice.

Consider Individual Teams’ Skills and Areas for Improvement

Once you’ve considered how you want your practice to grow, begin zooming in on individual areas. The same goal will look different to dental hygienists compared to your admin team, so make sure to personalize their goals and benchmarks.

CE courses are a valuable (and necessary) asset for any practice, but it’s essential to use these to your team’s advantage. If you want your team to better learn how to assist with implants, veneers, or another dental restoration, then find a course on those topics.

If there are multiple areas of focus and your team shows preference to one or another, you can customize training for each employee. Those who have an interest in improving their veneer techniques can attend that CE course, and those interested in further implant training can attend one that better suits their needs.

Delegate to Qualified Team Members

Beyond additional training, though, is a need for delegation. Even though it can be difficult to begin delegating your tasks, it helps improve efficiency. Improving dental practice efficiency means you can help more patients and better focus on your practice’s future.

Begin by interviewing those on your team that demonstrates they’re ready for the added responsibility. Once you’ve determined who will excel with new tasks, give them complete responsibility. Yes, it’s hard! But this gives them the opportunity to shine and grow.

Let them bring their needs to you, instead of making suggestions to them. If they need a budget, provide it, but then step back. Let them determine what they need and how to accomplish it.

Improving dental practice efficiency takes a commitment from yourself and your team, but it is possible. Focus on the type of practice you want to have in the future, and empower your team to help you reach your goals through CE courses and delegation. This will also help unite you as a team as you work through this rewarding process. Setting a vision is for every dental practice, and once you begin, you’ll be motivated to push through to the finish!