The Three Essential Employees in Your Dental Practice

Focusing on the employees in your dental practice are one of the best ways to grow. While every part of your team plays a role, there are three positions that are particularly important. These roles are: office manager, lead dental hygienist, and lead dental assistant. When you have the right people in these roles, your practice will be just about unstoppable!

Office Manager

A great office manager will help keep your dental practice running smoothly. From billing to managing your front office staff, your office manager is your secret weapon! When hiring for this position, look for detail-oriented candidates who have spent time in medical offices.

They should be passionate about people, too. As a leader in your practice, they should love investing into their team, helping you reach your goals, and assisting patients.

Lead Dental Hygienist

Your Lead Dental Hygienist is responsible for leading and training your hygienists, and is an essential part of your leadership team. It’s more than the technical elements, though that is important! It’s focusing on empowering every hygienist to prioritize patient care, the quality of their work, and helping their teammates.

As an employee responsible for their team’s education, look for a candidate who understands the mission of your practice, is a strong communicator, and enjoys staying up to date on industry changes.

Lead Dental Assistant

As a Lead Dental Assistant, this member of your team is responsible for leading your dental assistants. This is similar to your hygienist team lead. They will help your dental techs continue to hone their skills and influence patient care.

Because their role involves operational management like schedules and approving time off, this employee needs more than technical skills. The right candidate will not only know the role well, but also be excited to help advance your practice’s goals.

Hiring the right employees in your dental practice will help make your dental practice run smoothly and practice better patient care. This year, prioritize placing the right people in these roles. With the right office manager, lead dental hygienist, and lead dental assistant, you can serve your patients and grow your practice.

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