DP Elite Full Cast

Alloys’ inherent strength still make full-cast crowns a treatment option when patients don’t have enough clearance for stacked porcelain or ceramic preparations are too thin. Strong enough to function with any margin design, yet as easy on opposing dentition as natural enamel, DP Elite Full Cast crowns are the most durable, esthetic option. We use HN Argenco77 and HN Argenco 60 Type III alloys to ensure ideal predictability as well as durability.Doctors’ favorite material for esthetic restorations for years, IPS e.max® provides the lifelike translucency your patients deserve for restorations in the cosmetic zone. A lithium disilicate glass available as a pressed ceramic for the ultimate in esthetics or milled to help control costs, IPS e.max’s durability surpasses that of porcelain, with flexural strengths of 400 MPa and 360 MPa for press and CAD, respectively.