Do You Know Where Your Dental Restorations Are Coming From? The NADL’s “What’s In Your Mouth” Campaign

The NADL recently launched their “Whats in Your Mouth” campaign, which is focused on educating patients on dental restorations. As the National Association of Dental Labs, they focus on providing dentists and patients with the information they need for optimal oral health. We encourage you to share this information with your patients, which will help put them at ease during unfamiliar procedures.

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Sourcing High-Quality Dental Restorations

While some patients don’t ask for specifics regarding their dental restorations, it’s an important part of the patient education process. Not all restorations are created equal, and patients are rightfully entitled to know where their restoration is fabricated.

Dental restorations are considered custom medical devices and are used for a long time. These devices, then, should be high quality and meet exacting standards. By partnering with a Certified Dental Lab, you can ensure that every restoration you order will be the highest quality attainable.

These dental labs complete a certification process that ensures they have the team, processes, and management in place to provide the restorations your patients need.

The NADL’s Role in Patient Education

The NADL’s “What’s In Your Mouth?” campaign helps promote patient knowledge and empowerment, and we’re thrilled to do our part. We believe in their mission to educate patients and have been a proud CDL since 1983. Highly trained technicians craft every case, and our research department helps us remain at the forefront of industry changes.

Our Certified Dental Technicians oversee every department. These skilled technicians manage quality, training, and workflow for their team. This ensures that every patient receives the best dental restoration possible.

We believe that transparency is essential in the dental industry, and we’re excited to share in the NADL’s mission to educate others. Your patients expect the best, and our certifications in digital lab processes, ceramics, and removables help you achieve it.

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