mail order dental lab

Long Distance Relationships: Mail Order Dental Lab Addition

Some dentists are fortunate to have world-class labs in their town, but if you’re in a dental desert with no nearby facilities, it’s important to have a partnership with a reliable mail order dental lab. The right choice for your practice will have these characteristics:

  • The products you need for treatment.
  • Pricing that complements your fee structure.
  • Efficient turnaround times and quick shipping.
  • An open line of communication.

The Products You Need to Treat Your Patients

Find a mail-order dental lab that has the capability to fulfill all of your restoration needs from simple to complex cases. This will simplify your ordering process since all restorations will be made at one lab. Complex cases also require a greater level of training, which is another benefit to finding the optimal dental lab for your product needs.

Pricing That Complements Your Fee Structure

Pricing is a critical part of the decision-making process because the dental lab’s rate needs to fit within your fee structure, and your patients (and insurance carriers) need to be able to afford it. A sudden spike in pricing may create panic with your patients and may reflect on your practice’s reputation.

For dentists with less price-sensitive patients, this is slightly less important, but it should still be considered.

Efficient Turnaround Times and Quick Shipping

Because you’re on the hunt for a mail-order lab, shipping times need to factor into your treatment plans. Look for a dental lab with efficient turnaround times and speedy shipping options so your patients can have a complete restoration in a timely manner.

An Open Line of Communication

We’ve saved the most essential piece for last: open communication. Open communication is the most important factor when deciding on a dental lab because your team needs to know promptly if there has been a delay, and if action needs to take place to resolve the issue. A mail-order dental lab can be your solution to complex cases, but only when they have superb communication. Discover how to gauge their communication here.


Solving your need for a dental lab is simpler than you may think. Once you find a mail order dental lab who’s products and goals align with yours, you can start providing patients with the dental restorations they need for optimal oral health. To learn more about our process, send us a message or give us a call at (888) 888-8862.