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How to Find the Best Dental Lab for Dentures

You’re recommending dentures to a patient, but when you consider where to send their case, you aren’t sure where to go. Sound familiar? Providing high-quality removables and restorations for your patients should be a priority, but it can be difficult to find the best dental lab for dentures. Here are four ways to ensure you’ve chosen the best lab for your needs.

Search for Denture-Specific Reviews

When researching dental labs, it’s important to note that not all specialize in the same products and practices. Some labs may create excellent crowns and bridges, but their dentures may be lacking bite. (Pun intended!) The best way to ensure you work with a lab skilled with dentures is to look for denture specific reviews.

This could be on websites like Angie’s List, or by utilizing your network. Once you ask trusted sources, you’ll have a shortlist of dental labs to work from while reviewing their materials and before and after photos.

Review Their Dental Materials

Denture techs are the sculptor, and the materials are the clay. A high-quality lab will use clinically proven materials like SR Ivocap® for an aesthetically pleasing final product. Even a high-quality lab’s lower cost dentures or partials will provide a high-quality and aesthetic result for patients who need a more affordable option.

Inquire About an In-Person Visit

Mail-order dental labs can offer high-quality dentures, but it’s difficult to see their work before placing your first order. Local dental labs, though, offer an opportunity to meet their denture technicians and see examples of their work. If you have an upcoming complex case, this is also a chance to discuss it with the techs to ensure your patient has the best final result possible.

Below are a few additional ways to inspect a dental lab’s work, if you aren’t able to visit the lab in person.

Ask for Before and After Photos and Testimonials

A high-quality denture lab will have before and after photos and testimonials showcasing their work, giving you an advance look at how they recreate smiles for patients. Some dental labs will include this on their website, and others will have it available upon request. This is an ideal way to confirm a dental lab’s quality from a distance.

Finding a dental lab that creates exceptional dentures may be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. By following these tips, you can find the best dental lab to partner with to create happy and healthy patients. For more information on our removables, click here.