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How to Find a Dental Lab You’ll Fall in Love With

We’re celebrating the month of love by focusing on what makes a dental practice-lab relationship special. Because there’s more to this relationship than meets the eye, we’ve broken it down so you can find a dental lab you’ll want to send flowers and chocolates to every year.

Do They Leave You on “Read”?

Communication is essential in any relationship, but especially those where patients’ health and satisfaction are on the line. Look for a dental lab where your emails and calls are returned promptly and that doesn’t settle for less. You deserve the best that restorative dentistry has to offer.

Can They Take On All Your Cases?

The days of managing three different lab schedules and communication are over. The right dental lab is one that can manage all of your cases, from the mundane to the complex. These labs will have teams dedicated to different restorations, ensuring you receive a product that stands out from the rest.

Do They Have Products That Make You Swoon?

We’re not the only ones that love a good full contour zirconia crown, right? After all, you can’t build a great restoration with sub-par materials. Finding a dental lab that has high-quality products is a must for every dentist.

Look for a dental lab carrying a range of products for all budgets and all restorations, which ensures every patient can experience the joy of superb dental work.

Will They Leave You Waiting?

Restorative dentistry is on a timeline, so it’s best to find a dental lab with a quick turnaround. When working with mail-order dental labs this is particularly important. Make sure to ask about their shipping times and production timelines. A lab that respects you and your patients’ time is important.

Look for a lab with reviews vouching for their production process, and monitor how your test cases are handled. Once you see that they respect you and your patients’ time, you’ll discover it’s a relationship that was meant to be.

Finding a dental lab you’ll fall in love with is no easy task. There are many that claim to be the one, but soon turn out to be frogs. By following these four points, though, you can find a lab that serves your patients’ needs, exceeds your expectations, and makes you feel like you’re the only one in the world even after the clearance chocolate is gone.