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The Best Dental CRM to Meet Your Needs

Finding the best dental CRM for your dental practice can be a challenge. There are many options available, each with seemingly similar products but different strengths! These patient management software solutions can help both single and multiple-location practices and will help maximize every patient interaction, from front desk to the treatment chair.

The Best Dental CRM for Your Practice

Dentrix by Henry Schein

Dentrix is an industry leader, with over 35,000 dental practices using their platform. Owned by Henry Schein, this dental CRM was created for integration with other programs. There are a number of bundles, based on your needs. Dentrix G6 is their single-location practice management software. If you have multiple locations and want a consolidated patient database and overall view of your practice, Dentrix Ascend or Enterprise are the best options.

Dentrix’s features include:

  • Fully integrated patient charts and billing, making both treatment and check out a simple process. (And accurate billing.)
  • Simple charting (including per charting) procedure with color-coding.
  • Color-coded scheduler that helps your team book appointments and view by doctor, procedure, or open appointments.
  • Patient kiosk platform simplifies the check-in process for patients and support staff.

We appreciate the backing of a reputable company. They are also developing cloud-based solutions with Ascend or Enterprise packages, making it a safe, secure, and convenient way to store your data.

The biggest disadvantage to Dentrix is its limited reporting capabilities, but there are a number of third-party programs you can use for custom reporting. It’s important to note that it’s only Windows-compatible, so Mac users will need to look elsewhere. This isn’t a significant disadvantage, though, as many practices run on Windows.


DentalCRM is billed as the CRM that manages your practice relationships, and it has the features to support that. There’s contact management, a patient pipeline for the sales process, marketing automation, and it’s mobile-friendly. Everything a busy dental practice needs to stay organized!

DentalCRM’s features include:

  • Manages account data, including shared documents, communication history, key contacts, and more.
  • Offers a comprehensive look at all sales activities including deal size, contact history, and competitor information to create the most effective messaging possible.
  • Includes call tracking, scheduling, and automation features powered by the latest WebRTC technology.
  • Distribute easy-to-follow forms like surveys and call scripts to find and retain important information.
  • Gauge the program’s effectiveness with in-depth reporting, including how well team members are using the features.
  • Build out marketing campaigns based on customer profile and history. This includes email marketing and customer loyalty.
  • Track tasks, issues, and sales to track what’s working and what needs improvement in your workflow.
  • Import and export data as needed for other programs.
  • Supports direct mail and mail merge campaigns with their Microsoft Word integration.
  • Use their rules-based alerts system to keep your team updated without hassle.
  • Mobile-friendly design for both iOS and Android users, with no app required.

We like the reporting features best because it gives you the insights you need to determine whether more training is necessary, or whether it’s time to reevaluate CRMs. We also like their app-free mobile-friendly design, because it’s one less thing to download while still offering a user-friendly option on-the-go.

The one downside is that, due to the number of features in DentalCRM, there may be too much flash and not enough specialization. You want a program that specializes in what you need, and if you’re paying for something you aren’t using, or if it’s not working efficiently, then it’s best to choose another option.


Eaglesoft has been around for over two decades, making it one of the oldest locally-hosted dental CRMs available. Because of its history in the dental industry, many potential employees already know the software, minimizing their training time.

Eaglesoft features include:

  • Efficient charting and perio charting, including auto-save functionality for each tooth.
  • Quickly create treatment plants for patients, or create multiple treatment plans for the patient to choose.
  • Integrated design so charting, treatment plans, and imaging are all easily available.
  • Works with multiple imaging systems for easy importing and emailing.
  • Native scheduling module called OnSchedule offers color-coded appointment scheduling.
  • Includes automatic reminders, helping patient recall.
  • Use their diverse reporting function to analyze your practice in multiple ways.

We appreciate how widely Eaglesoft is used, making it easy to onboard new team members. Their expansive reporting options are a needed function for any practice, and there’s no need for third-party apps like with other programs.

While this locally-hosted CRM has been used by many practices, the trend towards cloud-based practice management is continuing and Eaglesoft doesn’t offer these benefits. This is particularly important if you have multiple locations or are looking for an additional way to backup your files.

CS SoftDent by Carestream Dental

CS SoftDent by Carestream Dental is designed to help practices run more efficiently, from day-to-day activities to overall trends. Patient charts are in one place, and their Practice Central feature is a hub that offers a daily overview of tasks and patient information.

CS SoftDent features include:

  • Use the clinical overview to view all patient notes in one place.
  • Work in tandem with multiple users in a chart at one time.
  • Set notifications for outstanding balances and more.
  • Manage treatment and insurance coverage with their Clinical Treatment Plan tool.
  • Use the Pharmacy Tracking tool to efficiently print out or call in prescriptions.
  • View entire medical history in one place.
  • Maximize profitability with detailed financial reports and Goal Tracking feature.
  • Use Phone Center treatment to track family member’s dental needs for efficient communication.

One of our favorite features of CS SoftDent is the customized user rights and audit trail, which offers the essential privacy protection your practice needs in light of HIPAA. They also offer CS Advantage, a premium service program with service, training, and support to help keep your practice running efficiently.

There aren’t many downsides to using CS SoftDent, but one of them is the additional cost for their modules. PEARL Module is an app that offers clinical profiles, financial reports, schedules, and digital radiographs all in one place. Their Charting Module helps eliminate paper charts in your practice and is also an add-on.

Patient management software is one of the best investments you can make for your practice. The best dental CRM for you may differ from another practice, and each offers unique features that will make one better for your practice than another. Whether you’re looking for a local or cloud-based solution, these CRMs will help you maximize every patient interaction.