The Advantages of a Single-Lab Partnership

For dentists who work with multiple dental labs, this is probably a familiar scenario: returning calls to each, orders getting mixed up, and billing confusion. Instead, let’s try something different: working with one dental lab. A single-lab partnership not only streamlines your process, but it also supports your goals and makes your life easier. Win-win scenario, right? Let’s check out how it could help your practice.

A Streamlined Process

Working with multiple dental labs, even if each is efficient in their own right, can create a complex web of communication differences, website portals, and shipping variations. Working with one lab, though, makes this easier on both treatment and administrative teams.

Using a lab that can handle all types of cases from crowns to impression and the final restoration streamlines the process and will allow your team to focus on patient care, instead of tracking down an order.

A Strong Relationship

Relationships are at the core of a business, and they’re essential in dentistry. Your patients look for a strong treatment relationship with you and your team, and in turn, you look for a lab that you can foster one with as well.

When you work with one dental lab, you can foster a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with the technicians and office staff. You know exactly who to call, you build a rapport, and you’re both invested in your patients’ successful treatment.

A Single Call for Complex Cases

Not every case is as simple as popping on the crown and moving onto the next patient. For complex cases with multiple components, it’s helpful to work with a lab that can fabricate every component needed. This minimizes calls, enhances your experience, and produces the best results possible for your patients.

Even if you aren’t completing many complex cases this quarter, consider your goals for the rest of the year and find a lab that aligns with them. Speaking of goals, it’s time to make sure you’re ready.

A Growth-Focused Future

If you have big growth goals for the coming year, a single lab partnership will help you reach them. Many practices grow through adding more complex services like implants and cosmetic restorations, which means you’ll need a lab that can accommodate all.

A trustworthy lab will establish themselves as a partner in your success. They’ll work with you to find the right solution, and will offer up more time or cost-efficient solutions for your patients.

Growth-supporting dental labs will regularly onboard new technology, which helps you maintain your competitive edge in your community. A competitive edge is a necessary component of a growth strategy that will help you reach your goals.

It’s time to simplify your routine by implementing a single-lab partnership. This enables you to focus on the best part of dentistry: giving your patients an exceptional experience. If you’re ready to explore a single-lab partnership for your practice, we can walk you through our process for each of our restorations. Give us a call at 888.888.8862 to speak to our team!