structuring your dental practice

Structuring a Dental Practice That’s Designed to Thrive

Structuring a dental practice correctly can lead to more patients, increased revenue, and a more efficient team. By creating defined teams, setting productive meetings, and using an inventory management system, you can help your dental practice not just function but thrive.

Create Defined Teams with Designated Leaders

Creating defined teams with designated leaders is one of the best practice management solutions available. By creating these teams and setting leadership in place, you’re adding structure in an efficient way. Teams can include front office management, support staff, and hygienists.

A great dental practice owner will give the leaders of each team the correct resources and freedom to train and guide their team members as they see fit. By providing appropriate training, each team will have the confidence and knowledge they need to be successful.

Established leadership also provides a hierarchy for when potential disputes arrive. Whether discipline, complaints, or something more serious, an organizational structure helps your team to know who to report to and places responsibility as needed.

Hold Regular Meetings

Spending time as a team is important. While too many meetings can interrupt productivity and patient care, it is important to meet regularly with the entire team. It not only helps forge stronger bonds, but also keeps everyone updated on policy changes, training, and company initiatives.

Holding monthly company meetings provide an opportunity to bring the entire team together.  These meetings can include a potluck, topic highlights for ongoing education, and new staff introductions.

Onboard an Inventory Management System

A dental practice needs everything from gloves to bonding cement always in stock. Without it, you could run into delayed procedures and unhappy patients. By onboarding an inventory management system, every item is tracked for efficient ordering.

This also helps with over-ordering concerns. If multiple hygienists notice there are no small gloves and each places an order without communicating with the team, you may end up with enough gloves for the next six months. But with a management system, your team will know that an order was placed.

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Focusing on these three key areas will give you the focus you need to make the right changes. With the right changes, you’ll soon begin to see a growing practice, increased revenue, and an efficient team dynamic. By structuring a dental practice well, you can maximize its potential to thrive while serving your patients well.