50% off of your first 2 arches

Provide a fixed removable overdenture solution such as All-On-Four or Teeth-In-A-Day with our Complete Overdenture System. Flat-rate package pricing includes virtually everything you need for a successful outcome:

• Transitional denture or chairside conversion of denture
• Up to five hours of on-site support
• CAD/CAM fabricated surgical guide
• Four custom abutments
• CAD/CAM fabricated titanium bar
• Complete final fixed denture
• Access to our VIP parts library for emergency repairs

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Special Pricing With Features Below:

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Traditional All-On-4

$5,700 Per Arch*

• Transitional (Teeth-in-a-Day) Denture
• Surgical Guide
• CAD/CAM Hybrid Titanium Bar
• Dental Pros Pro-Fit Premium Denture

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Pro-Fit Full Zirconia

$6,500 Per Arch*

• Beautiful – 45% translucency
• Strong – 1250 Mpa flexural strength
• Multi-shaded for life-like aesthetics

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Crystal Ultra

$7,500 Per Arch*

• Gentle – 60% Lighter than Zirconia
• Durable – 6X Stronger than Acrylic
• Shock Absorbing – Soft Occlusion
• Adjustable – Chair side Adjustment & Repair
• Reparable with Composite in the Mouth

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Cagenix IC w/ FC Zirconia

$7,700 Per Arch*

• Superior Durability – Custom individual crowns with the award winning AccuFrame Plus Titanium frameworks micro textured surface for improved acrylic retention
• Superior Function – Patented individual crown design
• Superior Repairability – Replace crown on post to individual crown design

*Includes up to 5 Abutments, Implant Copings, Replicas & Screws.  Call For Details

Version Date 2/3/2022